Increasing the number of pathologists practicing in underdeveloped countries will allow accurate diagnoses that will save lives. Improving the existing laboratories will improve turnaround times for speedier treatment of the diseases, and the ability to send cases out for consultation.

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    UGANDA 2017

    January 13th – Feb 6th Anatomic pathology dissection instruction with histological correlation will be provided to 3 medical students with the Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Topics covered include:

    – Breast dissection and tumor differentiation
    – Colonic resections and cancer staging
    – Uterine and cervical pathology

    Instruction to histology staff related to small biopsy submission and standard of procedure improvements.

    Efforts to organize the current and future tissue blocks and slides to improve turnaround times for cases is a side focus of the trip and will require local Ugandan assistance for building new filing storage containers.

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    HAITI 2016

    In May of 2016, assistance was provided to the Justinien University Hospital in Cap Haitien, Haiti laboratory staff to establish a histology department lab and install new equipment under the EqualHealth organization. Microtomy and staining instruction, as well as laboratory safety education was a focus for producing quality pathology slides and blocks.