Path of Logic is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing anatomic pathology services through education and laboratory procedure improvements.

Many diseases would be easily treated if the pathology were diagnosed early enough. A great example is cervical cancer, the leading female cancer in Uganda (1). A simple pap smear, or biopsy can diagnose an easily cured disease which requires a routine and inexpensive procedure to treat.

Major shortages exist in pathology, markedly in underserved nations. Pathology services are critical for diagnosing countless diseases and conditions. Most diseases are treated as a best-guess without pathology staff and a functional laboratory. The Massachusetts general hospital lists an astounding fact, which compares its own institution, employing 90 pathologists, to that of the entire country of Uganda, which currently only employs 18. There are 30 million residents in Uganda.

Path of Logic strives to assist with this issue by providing anatomic dissection instruction to the medical students dedicating their lives to pathology, while fine-tuning the laboratories that process the tissue for microscopic evaluation.